Salon Wisp FAQ

Q: Do you have a root retouch kit for highlights?

A:  Unfortunately we don’t have a way of safely offering at home highlights, however our toners will leave your blonde feeling refreshed!  If you’d like to tone your hair at home we offer our Alchemic line of shampoos and conditioners from Davines or an at home glossing kit.

Q: How Long does it take to do a root retouch kit?

A: About an hour and a half on average start to finish!  Heres the breakdown:
     1. Mix Colour and setup – 5 minutes
     2. Apply colour – 30-40 minutes
     3. Let colour process – 35 minutes
     4. Shower – Rinse, shampoo x2, and condition – 15 minutes
     Total – 90 min

Q: Can I leave it on longer to cover my greys better, or if I get busy?

A: Absolutely not.  These are products are meant for professional use only and are to be left to process for 35 minutes.  Please set a timer, Siri or Alexa can help you out with this.

Q: Can I re-use my brush and gloves?

A: Yes!  They are meant to be re-used.  Both items are a hot commodity right now so we ask whenever possible you save your gloves/brush for next time as our stock is VERY limited.

Q: Will it be ok?

A: We’ve made a point to have our stylists comb through each colour kit application that comes in to ensure it’s a good option for that client.  If you have reached out and are not a candidate for the colour kit, it’s because we feel strongly that it would not be in your best interest to use it.

Q: Do I have to do it the same day I pickup?

A: Ideally the sooner the better.  Why?  Because colour oxidizes, and we have not had the opportunity to test this packaging being left for longer durations of time.    Theres no panic, you don’t need to white knuckle home!  But the same day is best.