Your favourite Davines essentials are on sale for 25% off! Here’s what’s included:
A perfect gift for those who want to keep their hair colour fresh and luminous: the MINU Set helps extend the life of your colour while adding nourishment
and beautiful shine.  
250 ml Minu Shampoo
250 ml Minu Conditioner 
135 ml Oi All-in-One Milk  
Retails for $84.00
Enjoy smooth and shiny hair this holiday season with the LOVE Smoothing Set. Designed to moisturize and tame frizz, it’s an ideal combination for those desiring sleek and modern styles.
250 ml Love Smooth Shampoo
250 ml Love Smooth Conditioner
135 ml Oi All-in-One Milk 
Retails for $84.00
Nourish and invigorate with the NOUNOU Holiday Set. Ideal for repairing distressed strands, this combination will help you ring in the New Year with fabulous hair! 
250 ml Nounou Shampoo
250 ml Nounou Conditioner
125 ml Liquid Spell Bodifying Fluid
Retails for $92.50
Using almond extract for deep hydration, the LOVE Curl Set is the perfect gift for those who want to embrace their natural texture to create shiny, bouncy and well-defined waves and curls. 
250 ml Love Curl Shampoo 
250 ml Love Curl Conditioner 
250 ml Curl Building Serum
Retails for $77.50
Ideal for all hair types, the OI Set is an easy choice for those seeking to add nourishment and softness to their hair. Designed to indulge those who desire beautiful, shiny and fragrant hair, it’s no wonder this has been a longstanding customer favorite. 
280 ml Oi Shampoo
250 ml Oi Conditioner 
135 ml Oi Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion
Retails for $102.50


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