Goodbye (for now!) to Shae

Since February, we’ve been lucky enough to have Shae interning with us for 15 hours every week as part of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Although she came to us with no experience, Shae quickly proved herself to be a great addition to the Salon Wisp team. Before long she was helping with mixing colour, applying toner, and washing/drying hair, but it was at our braid bars that Shae really excelled – her talent and creativity are obvious, and her sweet spirit and warm smile are infectious. Shae learned so much and we’re happy to be a part of her journey to becoming a hairstylist.

Shae’s upcoming graduation from OYAP leaves us with mixed feelings – we’re obviously thrilled to see her doing so well and also sad because she’ll be leaving us in September to attend Niagara College.

The silver lining for Salon Wisp is that we’ve hired Shae for the rest of the summer and hopefully she’ll return to us in 2020 to be our first Junior Stylist!

Our experience with Shae was so successful that we’re looking hoping to have other OYAP interns in the future – if you (or anyone you know) might be interested, please have them contact us at

Congratulations to Stephanie!

Happy anniversary to our own Stephanie, who has been at Salon Wisp for a year (But doesn’t it seem like she’s been here from the beginning?!). We had high hopes for Stephanie because we knew how fabulous she is from our pre-Wisp days and, of course, she surpassed every expectation! In addition to providing excellent service to our Wisp ladies, Stephanie continues to grow as a hairstylist, taking precision cutting workshops and colouring classes, in addition to hopping on a plane and coming to Iceland with us.

In order to reflect this growth and reward the effort she has put into her craft, we will be increasing Stephanie’s rates, effective July X (after her trip to Portugal). Please join us in celebrating Stephanie’s success and, if you have any concerns, we can always accommodate you with stylists that are available at her original price point.

We love everyone on our Salon Wisp team and look forward to sharing more of their accomplishments with you in the future!


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